Art creations by H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

Western Paintings

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As soon as you set your eyes on the supernatural abstract colors created by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata, you will find the bright and dazzling red, yellow, blue, white and black colors leaping and dancing, vigorous like billows sluicing over thousands of miles, yet stored up into wonders at the fine tip of a brush. Gentle yet resolute, they freely transcend worldliness. Various spectacular colors are mixed ingeniously to compliment one another. One can say they express superb craftsmanship excelling nature and depict forms that are flexible and elusive. Words cannot describe the harmonious, refined, and soothing air these colors convey.

Supernatural abstract colors compose a perfect world of colors. This world does not have any concrete mundane forms but uses colors alone to form shapes and express feelings. Charming colors that touch peoples hearts constitute the shape and theme of this world. Through the mastery of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, these colors converge into incredibly, marvelous and bright magic, expressing themes such as the vivid spirit of a flowery scene or the vigor of the roaring sea. Yet, supernatural abstract colors can be ever so exact as they appear from the tip of His Holinesss brush. Their fine details are often revealed among rough strokes, and their charm is naturally displayed.

Chinese Paintings

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There have been numerous talented artists throughout the history of Chinese painting. They have produced countless magnificent paintings that have contributed to the excellent Chinese culture. But most of the great artists throughout the ages have tended to specialize in one particular skill, style, or subject matter. Those who excelled at landscape painting were rarely proficient in flower and bird painting. Those who were proficient in flower and bird painting were rarely adept at figure painting; and so on and so forth. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata, however, is proficient in all subject matters—whether landscape, flowers and birds, animals, fish, insects, or figures. With respect to artistic techniques, he has excelled at meticulous painting, freehand brushwork, splash-ink style, and many others. In all of these areas, His Holiness has demonstrated real traditional skills and originality.

These characteristics of His Holiness’s paintings have long ago been confirmed by art experts and collectors. In 2000, paintings by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III entitled “Majesty” and “Venerable Da Li Won” sold at an international auction for US$2,125,327 and US$2,207,912, respectively. At that time, those sales set new records for the highest priced painting of any living oriental artist in the world as well as the highest priced Chinese paintings ever sold at an auction. Various media reported on those two sales and praised H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III as a consummate artist who is unprecedented in the history of Chinese painting.

Sculptures Containing Mysterious Mist

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H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III created these miraculous sculptures containing mysterious mist in order to make people around the world understand the magnificence of the Buddha-dharma and the omnipotence of a Buddha, in order that the Buddha-dharma not be further insulted, and in order to fulfill a formal prediction made by H.H. Mahavairocana Tathagata. These miraculous works can be seen and touched. However, they cannot be created by anyone who is not a being of the highest holiness.

The mysterious mist in these sculptures can be found floating among wondrously carved, seemingly changing, and intriguingly interconnected hanging rock formations. Why is such art called sculptures containing mysterious mist? It is because in those sculptures there is the mysterious and beautiful scene of auspicious mist swirling in between hanging rock formations. This is a manifestation of the realization of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III in the craftsmanship vidya and the inner realization vidya.

Yun Sculptures

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No one would dare think that such art was carved from the hand of man. These sculptures are a major contribution to the art and civilization of mankind! Actually, this artwork transcends the scope of human art. Their beauty captivates the soul. If you have never seen such works of art, which have now appeared in this world for the first time, it might be difficult for you to imagine that this world actually has such beautiful and mystical creations. With the appearance of these sculptures, all splendid pearls, jade, and gemstones become pale in comparison, like the stars in the sky being outshined by a clear moon.

October 28th and 29th of 2003, in the Gold Room of House Office Building, Congress held an exhibition of Yun sculptures created by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. That was the first time in its more than two-hundred-year history that the United States Congress held an art exhibition. Most of the attendees of that exhibition were senators, congresspersons, and their staff. The guests came in a continuous stream. Almost four hundred people voluntarily wrote down their sincere impressions in guest books. Each of them expressed amazement and praised what they saw.

Faux Jade Plate

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The faux jade plates that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III created with a painting brush are unique and amazing treasures. They vividly reproduce the superlative beauty seen in the creation of the myriad things in nature. At the same time, they embody what is refined rather than coarse, amplifying the ephemeral and unostentatious beauty of precious natural things in life to the perfect zenith of art. Fei-Cui Jade, Yang-Zhi Jade, Shan-Hong Jade, Li-He Jade, Fu-Shou Jade, Tai-Hu Jade, Hai-Jiao Jade, Gang-Gu Jade, and other faux jade plates created by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III all look real and vivid in their textures, luster, colors, patterns, grains, and shapes.

What is most amazing is the depth to which the colors appear translucent on the faux jade plates. No matter how great the artist, we have never heard of anyone else who could cause colors to appear to permeate so deeply through the surface of solid material giving the impression of faux jade. Anyone can clearly see the depth to which those colors penetrated, giving those jade plates a remarkably elegant and delicate quality. These works of art look even more genuine and much more beautiful than real marble or jade. The beauty of real precious stones cannot hold a candle to these faux jade plates. All who have seen them marvel at them.

Art Frame

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From ancient times to the present, there have been many kinds of frames for pictures, paintings, and other forms of art. There have been frames in the baroque style, frames made from tree bark, striped frames, frames with Chinese style carved flowers, gold or silver plated frames, etc. However, there have not been frames whose substance imitates various natural elements. In order to change the art of frames in this world so that people could bask in the delight of art that is in harmony with nature, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu created sculpted art frames in the style of various natural elements. Examples of this include frames made in the style of ganoderma lucidum (a type of hard dark brown fungus supposed to possess supernatural powers), tropical plants that wind around trees, coral, ancient-looking unearthed cultural relics, white and green jade, and winding vines.

The key to this is that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, through His Holinesss wisdom and inner realization vidya powers, applies to these frames the four great impermanent elements of earth, water, fire, and wind. His Holiness thereby creates frames whose material and structure appear to be created by nature itself. Actually, these frames look more real and natural than the real natural elements themselves.

Tile - The most beautiful
building material in the world

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From the time H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata descended into this world, His Holiness has always wanted to renew the world of building material thoroughly so that ordinary families could enjoy the splendor of earthly mansions and the beauty of heavenly palaces. His Holiness has always wanted to replace common tiles, marble, and granite slabs in the old style with halls as gorgeous and resplendent as gemstones and with rustic, charming dcor that people with refined tastes can appreciate. Based on this desire, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III wielded his brush and applied colors. As a result, extremely beautiful and glittering jewel-like floor and wall tiles were born! There are also excellent tiles with an ancient, simple, unadorned look, such as tiles in a more rustic style and tiles that look like unearthed cultural relics.

These tiles can be divided into the following six main categories: rustic elegance collection, lyrical charm collection, luxurious gem collection, serene nobility collection, contemporary distinction collection, and heavenly stone collection. These six collections have opened a new page in the history of building dcor, providing people with distinctive decorations that add beauty to any room in their residence.

There are total 30 categories of the achievements by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.

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